Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

What should I do if I or someone I know thinks they have the coronavirus?

If you think that you or someone you know has coronavirus, please follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s instructions.

Do I still need to pay rent?

Yes, please continue to pay your rent in full and on time. You can pay rent by using our drop box (where available) or mailing your payment to us. If you experienced a financial hardship, please communicate with your property manager via phone or e-mail in order to make arrangements.

What happens if I got behind on my rent?

Mercy Housing is committed to keeping you in your home. We offer support services to help you resolve issues which may put your housing in jeopardy.  We invite you to reach out to the property manager or services staff to discuss your needs. We are committed to working with you:

Path to Resolution
  1. Sign a form verifying that you either did or didn’t have COVID-related financial impact
  2. Work with property manger to apply for rent relief or to set up a payment plan
  3. Continue to pay rent in full and on time
  4. You will by a renter in good standing with Mercy Housing

If you have been impacted by COVID-19, there is still emergency rental assistance available.

If you’re looking for help paying your rent, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has guidance on applying for emergency rental assistance.

Are Property Management and Resident Services Offices still operating?

Yes, Mercy Housing staff will continue to work at the property and offices will remain open, where possible. Signs will be posted at the building entrance(s) and at office(s) to indicate restrictive measures, including social distancing, mask requirements, restricted office access and/or adjusted hours.

Will repairs and maintenance emergencies be taken care of?

Yes. Please report all maintenance needs and we will get to them in the order of priority. We appreciate your patience while staff catches up after the backlog created by restrictions from the pandemic.  Please remember that  keep in mind that  but understand that there is we will postpone the completion of non-emergency repairs. If you have a maintenance emergency, we will wear protective gear, and observe social distancing.

Can I use common areas?

Yes, however, we ask that social distancing is observed and that you not use the facility if a 6-foot distance cannot be maintained.

How can I get updates?

Because of how quickly the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are occurring, Management may not be able to distribute notifications door-to-door. Please read all posted signs and look for updated information near mailboxes.


If you have additional questions, please email or call your property manager.

Due to the rapidly evolving situation, recommendations regarding Coronavirus are being updated regularly as our organization becomes aware of the latest government recommendations.  The information in this message may become outdated, so we advise you to always consult with the CDC and your local health department for the most up-to-date information.