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Construction Updates | Marylhurst Commons

Walsh Construction began work on Marylhurst Commons Affordable Housing in mid-September, 2022. The development will take approximately 18 months to complete. We expect move-ins to begin in April, 2024. Typical work hours are Monday – Friday from 7am to 4:30pm. Occasional weekend work may also be required.

If you have an urgent concern about construction activity, please contact Pete Bruns, Senior Superintendent, at pbruns@walshconstruction.com or call (503) 222-4375.

January 2024 Construction Update (PDF)

December 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

November 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

October 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

September 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

August 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

July 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

 June 2023 Marylhurst Update (PDF)

May 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

April 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

March 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

February 2023 Construction Update (PDF)

January 2023 Construction Update(PDF)

December 2022 Construction Update (PDF)

November 2022 Construction Update (PDF)

Online Construction Meeting Q&A

August 2022

Click here to watch the online Construction Open House.

How long will construction take?
Approximately 18 months (Mid-September, 2022 to April, 2024)

How will you address traffic on Furman Drive?
We understand that there are demands on Furman Drive, especially during school drop-off and pick-up. We are coordinating directly with other campus tenants to understand when the times of highest demand are. Walsh will strive to schedule deliveries and other major activities in order to avoid the peak hours.

How will we keep traffic from using Gleason Drive?
Walsh Construction will place signs at the main entry to Mary’s Woods, as well as at Furman Drive to direct delivery and worker traffic onto Furman Drive. Walsh will also have weekly team meetings where they will remind workers to use only Furman Drive.

What parts of the campus will be affected?
Almost all of the existing campus will remain open in its current state, including the post office. Only the areas immediately surrounding the building will impacted for the duration of the project. Some utility work will take place in Fall 2022, which will create temporary disruptions to Furman Drive. Detours will be provided during these short-term events.

Will there be any impacts to Old River Road?
No, Old River Road will not be impacted by this development. All work will be accessed from Pacific Highway via Furman Drive.

Is there a safe place to watch the demolition and construction?
You are welcome to watch the demolition and construction progress from a safe distance outside the construction fence. Areas east of the construction zone, near the Clark Commons building, are slightly uphill and a safe distance away.

How will we enforce speed limits on campus streets?
Walsh Construction and SNJM facilities staff will work together to remedy any issues with speeding drivers. Because the roads are private, Walsh and SNJM have the ability to enforce posted speed limits themselves.

For non-construction related questions, please refer to the Marylhurst FAQ page.

Mercy Housing follows restrictions established by federal law through the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. We do not discriminate against residents on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status and disability. Last updated January 2022.

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