Community Engagement

People do better when involved in their communities. Children learn from adults, seniors avoid isolation, and networks of support form. At Mercy Housing, we strive to create healthy, vibrant communities, which is why we work to create diverse community activities designed to bring people together. Neighbors become friends through a variety of activities, including movie nights, potlucks, gardening clubs, knitting clubs, bingo nights, computer classes, holiday celebrations, and much more! We know that social connectedness results in safer, happier and more stable communities. In 2015, over 40% of our residents participated in these community events.


“We have community rooms, a library, and a computer room. We also have a community garden! We have eight beds, and a few times a year we have a gardening party. In the summer time, we have a very good harvest!”

—Mike, a Vietnam veteran lives at a Mercy Housing community in Gilbert, AZ, where he says, “I’m very happy and comfortable here in my retirement years.”


“They have a ton of classes and resources. They do goal setting, yoga, cooking classes, all were amazing. And they had childcare during these activities. They had finance classes that taught me all about credit and how to get my credit score where I wanted it, they connected me to people who gave me scholarships for nursing school, and they had cooking classes, they provide all the things you need for success.”

−Ginger, a pediatric nurse and mother, is a former Mercy Housing resident


“The staff has wonderful activities! They work to keep you in a nice environment, to let you know that you’re not just a statistic, just because you’re battling mental or physical problems, you’re still somebody.”

−Lisa, who recently graduated from a sober program after struggling with drug addiction for 20 years. After living in her Mercy Housing home for one year, she was able to move into a place of her own.

challengesChallenges Facing Residents:

  • Isolation
  • Limited voting history
  • Limited connectedness with their community

Opportunities Offered at Mercy Housing Communities:

  • Community building activities and events
  • Voter education
  • Volunteer opportunities both at the property and within the community



If you would like to help strengthen the lives of people in your community, consider:

Donating to Mercy Housing