Sister Lillian Murphy

What Should Be The No. 1 Housing Priority For The 113th Congress?

October 2012
Affordable Housing Finance

ImageMercy Housing CEO Sister Lillian Murphy, RSM, was recently featured in Affordable Housing Finance Magazine’s 2012 election guide. This election could have major impacts on the affordable housing industry. When asked about the top housing priority for the incoming 113th Congress, Sister Lillian responded:

“Preserve the LIHTC, New Markets Tax Credit, and other federal and state funding programs that enable preservation and production of affordable housing. We also need to ensure a vibrant secondary market for long-term mortgage debt. We need a bipartisan effort to craft a rational housing policy that addresses both the results of the millions of foreclosures that plague our neighborhoods and the increased demand for affordable rental housing across the nation. We cannot continue to craft simplistic, short-term solutions to incredibly complex, long-term problems. Government funders and competent affordable housing developers and owners need to focus on production targets and quality standards rather than onerous regulatory and compliance mandates that do not add value.”

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