Thank You for Creating 4,000 Jobs in Chicago and Milwaukee

The construction crew works on completing an interior common space at the Pullman Wheelworks Apartments
Tomeka and the construction crew work on the Pullman Wheelworks renovation

With the help of many partners, 4,000 jobs have been sustained through the Moving Forward Together campaign. Over the past three years, you have helped build 2,163 homes, sustain 4,186 jobs and enable 4,666 people to live in hope in the Chicago and Milwaukee regions.

However, the work continues. To address the regional housing crisis, Mercy Housing’s ten-year Moving Forward Together campaign aims to build or preserve 7,500 affordable homes, create 8,000 jobs, and prevent displacement or homelessness for 20,000 people.

The campaign will help thousands of people like Tomeka and her children. As an out-of-work single mom, Tomeka struggled to make ends meet and was at risk for homelessness.

Fortunately, she and her kids were able to obtain an affordable home at Mercy Housing Lakefront’s Pullman Wheelworks, a historic building that previously served as a factory for the Pullman Palace Car Company.

Tomeka’s children used their home as a springboard to succeed in school. Both graduated and enrolled in college.

Tomeka used their home to rebuild her life.  She obtained a new job with Madison Construction and has purchased and moved into a new home.

According to Tomeka, “it’s like a new beginning.”

Cindy Holler, President of Mercy Housing Lakefront, is pleased by Tomeka’s success.  According to Cindy, “when we see residents like Tomeka obtain employment through one of our contractors and buy a new house, there’s no better success than that.”

The impact of the Moving Forward Together campaign is made possible by generous philanthropic support from hundreds of partners, including: Ascension Health, Bank of America Foundation, Citi Foundation, Loretta & Michael Clune, Crown Family Philanthropies, Deutsche Bank, Enterprise Community Partners, Fannie Mae, Grand Victoria Foundation, Helen Brach Foundation, Home Depot Foundation, Housing Partnership Network, Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation (for 180° Properties), National Affordable Housing Trust, Denis B. Pierce, Polk Bros. Foundation, Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust, U.S. Bancorp Foundation, and Wells Fargo.