White Rock Village Knitting Team Donate Caps to Cancer Patients

The knitting team: Terrie, Terry, Nanci, and Jung
The knitting team: Terrie, Terry, Nanci, and Jung

Terrie Hubert had never knit before the White Rock Village knitting team started knitting caps for newborns and cancer patients. That did not stop her from learning a new skill. “I was excited and encouraged to do it,” she said. “I was giggled to see what the outcome would be.’”

Eight months later she has seen the knitting team create over 600 caps for newborns and cancer patients that have been donated to local hospitals and organizations. The knitting team recently donated 50 adult caps for cancer patients to Mercy San Juan in Carmichael and 60 adult caps to the Cancer American Society. They are on pace to knit 1000 caps in one year.

The knitting team uses looms that make it easy for anyone to learn to knit the caps. “I have the hang of it now,” Hubert said. “It feels really good to be a part of a group that is giving back to the community.”

Gloria Webster, another resident at WRV, said that she was participating in a crochet class that was being facilitated by Gale Rogers at the property. When the class dwindled down they decided to continue knitting. Webster suggested using looms to create caps for infants and then the word got out and others joined. The team has nine members currently and is looking for more to join the team.

White Rock Village is a property of Mercy Housing in El Dorado Hills which provides affordable housing to create stable and healthy communities by developing, financing and operating affordable, program-enriched housing for families, seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities.

“I’m feeling pretty good about it,” Webster said about the impact the team is making on the community. “Give it time and I think more people will be interested in doing it because there is a purpose. I am going to continue doing it no matter what.”

The team is looking to make fleece and flannel blankets as well to donate to hospitals for babies and cancer patients.

Eddie Zacapa, the resident services coordinator at the property said, “It is inspiring to watch these ladies grow the team and donate these caps to local hospitals and organizations. We all benefit when we have an opportunity to give to others.”

The knitting team meets on Wednesdays and Fridays at WRV and is looking for more volunteers and more donations of yarn and fleece to make more caps and blankets. If you are interested in helping or making a donation please contact Resident Services Coordinator Eddie Zacapa at 916-941-2357.


Eddie Zacapa

Resident Services Coordinator