Children playing at Wentworth Commons, Mercy Housing

2015 Chicago and Milwaukee Regional Impact


Children playing at Wentworth Commons
Children playing at Wentworth Commons


Thank you for providing hope for families, Veterans and other vulnerable people.  You and many other partners have contributed to building or preserving 5,825 homes and preventing homelessness for 11,392 people through the first six years of the Moving Forward Together Campaign.

In 2015, your support made it possible to:

  • Provide over 4,000 affordable housing residents with access to social services to achieve better health and economic security for their families, and academic success for their children;
  • Renovate and/or facilitate the reoccupation of 375 foreclosed homes in Chicago through the Neighborhood Stabilization and Micro Market Recovery Programs;
  • Begin construction of 65 homes for homeless Veterans and their families in Danville, 181 affordable homes for working families in North Lawndale, and 53 affordable homes for working families in Milwaukee; and
  • Evaluate the opportunity to assume ownership of 2,000 affordable homes in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana that have been developed by Franciscan Ministries.
    Construction of Greenwich Park Apartments in Milwaukee
    Construction of Greenwich Park Apartments in Milwaukee

With your continued support, Mercy Housing Lakefront will ultimately fulfill the ten-year Moving Forward Together Campaign goals to build or preserve 7,500 affordable homes, create 8,000 jobs, and prevent homelessness for 20,000 people.

Your participation is critical.

“Affordability is a big, big issue, and it’s everywhere,” said Mark Angelini, President of Mercy Housing Lakefront.

Rents have risen at a much faster pace than inflation. And though construction of new apartments is booming, most are expensive and out of reach for people with low incomes.

As a result, your help is needed more than ever.  Your gifts, volunteer time and business partnerships are needed to further accelerate the development and preservation of service-enriched affordable homes.

“The home is the anchor to an individual’s or family’s well-being,” Angelini said.  “Your support helps people access homes and services to improve their health and financial security.”

Your support helps people like D’Angelo Johnson.

He was hospitalized for two months after breaking his neck, ribs and collarbone, puncturing his lung, and tearing his kidney in a car crash.

While in the hospital, he couldn’t pay his bills and became homeless.

“This could happen to anyone,” D’Angelo said.  “I was living paycheck to paycheck.”

Thankfully, D’Angelo obtained an affordable home at Mercy’s Johnston Center where he is healing and rebuilding his life.

To help more people like D’Angelo please donate online at