Giving Thanks in Bellingham

MHNW Resident Services staff preparing welcome bags for our new residents prior to move-in day (left); Don, a new Eleanor Apartments resident, now has a warm, safe home!

Earlier this fall, MHNW welcomed residents to the newly opened Eleanor Apartments in Bellingham, Washington. Eighty senior residents have a new place to call home! Some were formerly homeless, making a home in their cars and even in the woods. Today, these seniors have a warm and safe place where they are able to build community.

Move-in day was full of excitement and tears. The MHNW staff had a chance to accompany each resident as they opened their door and saw their new homes for the first time. It was an emotional day for all, to say the least!

Prior to moving to Eleanor Apartments, Don was living on and off the streets for over five years. He had been dealing with various health conditions, including multiple operations. Don was among one of the many grateful residents on move-in day. He could not express his gratitude enough, saying “because of Mercy Housing, I have something of quality in my life that gives me a reason to live.”

Ana Marie is another resident who is thankful for the “…many great things that have happened since moving in to Eleanor Apartments.” For one, “I am right downtown, two blocks from everything when I step out the front door; when I go out the back door, I am right in a cute neighborhood. I have not driven for over ten years, and the convenience of being close to so much with an affordable cost is incredible.”  Once she gets settled in, Ana Marie is really looking forward to getting involved with teaching and learning more with all the folks she has met since her move-in.

We especially would like to thank our partners, Bellingham Coop, Bellingham Library and PeaceHealth, who provided gifts for our resident welcome bags – our residents loved them!