Health & Housing

This Saturday April 7th marks World Health Day, which was started by the World Health Organization in 1950. Mercy Housing is keenly aware of the relationship between health and housing. When people have a safe, clean, and affordable living space, their physical and mental health thrives.

We implement and measure healthcare programming through our resident services programs, and we have found out some pretty interesting things, like:

  • 95% of our residents have health insurance
  • 79% have a primary care physician
  • 86% had a check-up in the past year

We’ll continue to research, develop, and build upon our efforts to improve residents’ health, while educating the community-at-large about affordable housing’s exponential benefits to public health.

Want to know more? Innovative Models In Health and Housing is a great resource for students, professionals, and curious citizens.

For an eloquent explanation of how important a healthy home and food are to health, watch this video: