Wish for Wheels Builds Community and Bikes

A young man wearing a red shirt with a child wearing a helmet and close to her bike
A Janus Henderson Investors employee sets Jessica up with her new bike and helmet

Thanks to Wish for Wheels, kids at Mercy Housing have brand new bikes. Wish for Wheels is a nonprofit that offers an excellent team building experience and community service opportunity through building bikes for children in need. Mercy Housing Mountain Plains is proud to partner with Wish for Wheels, TSG Properties, and the Jewish Community Center to build and distribute bikes to low-income residents. This partnership gives each child at selected properties the opportunity for a healthy (and fun!) lifestyle.

As rents rise many low-income families struggle to provide for their children. The program capitalizes on the opportunity to build relationships — companies provide the labor, then staff build and distribute bikes and helmets. Companies and low-income families get to know each other. Volunteers reap the benefits of teamwork and the satisfaction that they’ve helped their community.

How it works

Businesses partner with Wish for Wheels to fully provide for the cost of the bikes, each of which costs about $100, and employees use team building activities to assemble the bikes. All bikes and helmets are provided by Wish for Wheels.

TSG Properties donated the essential funds to make this possible and the Jewish Community Center will build and donate the bikes to Holly Park and Jewish Community Center. This is a highly replicable model of corporate partnership that creates positive change in the community — kids are empowered with exercise, companies build teamwork and learn more about their home city.