Mercy Housing’s CEO, Jane Graf’s Thoughts On The Government Shutdown

The U.S. Government’s shutdown has gone on far too long. While the long-term implications are unknown we do know one thing: hard-working Americans and their families, the elderly and those with disabilities, are being unfairly impacted through no fault of their own. Without paychecks, rental assistance or vital services people are forced to make untenable choices: food or medicine, heat or transportation, pay the rent or face eviction to mention only a few.  As an owner of property funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Mercy Housing is faced with the reality that financial resources supporting residents’ rental payments will not be forthcoming. While we, along with most of our colleagues in the nonprofit community, will put our resources to work to support the residents living in our communities during this unprecedented time, how long can we expect this will last? And what happens to those living in housing where a landlord will not, or cannot, take a promise to pay in the future?

It seems that the leadership in our country has lost sight of the fact that for many Americans, this simple political act, has put at stake their survival. While I am inspired by all the individuals and organizations joining together to provide food and resources to the federal employees that are struggling to hold on due to the shutdown, the impact goes far beyond those without paychecks.

I encourage you to contact your representatives to express concern and urge them to do what’s right — reopen the government, put people back to work and continue the services that are essential to so many.

Yours in Hope,