Frederic Lohse Apartments Dedication

Named in honor of late Mercy Housing Board member, Fredric Lohse, the Lohse Apartments are the first affordable housing community in historic downtown Roseville. The new homes are helping the city to realize its comprehensive revitalization strategy to create a more walkable and dynamic downtown. The new homes are targeted to serve the local workforce and people on a fixed income.

Lohse Apartments, Roseville, CA Mercy Housing


Many of the individuals and families who live here support themselves with entry-level jobs, working in the service sector or manufacturing. Thanks to the City of Roseville’s commitment to providing affordable homes in the downtown area, working families with limited resources can now afford to live locally where they work. This also means more foot traffic in the downtown area benefiting neighborhood businesses. These homes serve as a vital addition to the local economy by stabilizing housing costs so that residents can afford to shop in the neighborhood where they live.

The 58 affordable homes that make up the Lohse Apartments include 12 one-bedroom, 27 two-bedroom, and 19 three-bedroom apartments. The ground level also features 2,900 square feet of new storefront space for lease. The four-story building is located on a .75-acre site that was once a gas station and is within easy walking distance to many neighborhood services. Building highlights include: units with large open living space, underground parking, a playground in the central courtyard, and spectacular Sierra and valley views from the upper floors.

Frederic Lohse
Frederic Lohse

The Lohse Apartments are named in honor of Frederic Lohse, a long-serving Mercy Housing affiliate board member and lifelong downtown Roseville resident.  Frederic Lohse (1943-2016) was a passionate, lifelong advocate for affordable housing. He spent nearly his entire adult life living just a few blocks from the new community which is located at 623 Vernon Street. Frederic joined Mercy Housing’s affiliate Rural California Housing Corporation (RCHC) Board of Directors in 1987 and served consistently until his passing in 2016. From 2000 to 2008, Frederic also served on the Mercy Housing California Board of Directors as the RCHC representative. He was a Planning Commissioner for the City of Roseville and sat on the Roseville Cemetery Board. The Lohse home on Oak Street has been in the family for several generations.

The dedication ceremony was well attended by Roseville residents, which is a tribute to Frederic Lohse and a demonstration of community support for these new homes. Seated in the front row of the audience, Frederic’s family listened to a loving tribute by Stan Keasling, CEO of Rural Community Assistance Corporation and longtime family friend. Stan’s tribute was followed by addresses from local dignitaries and a personal presentation by Versie, a new resident, who shared her challenging journey prior to finding a home at Frederic Lohse Apartments.

The building’s contemporary architectural design is spacious and open with plenty of natural light. The artwork provided by Blue Line Arts hangs throughout the building and adds to the colorful and pleasing interior. Each floor features work by a different local artist, and the main entrance is graced by a huge collaborative mural made by 13 veteran women.

Financing for the development includes funding from the City of Roseville, California HCD Infill Infrastructure Grant program, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Wells Fargo Bank, and California Community Reinvestment Corporation.