kid in firefighter helmet smiling

Getting to Know the Neighborhood

A sense of community is priceless. Knowing that you belong in your neighborhood provides confidence and comfort where you need it most—home. Tuesday, August 6 was National Night Out. It’s a night dedicated to kids and community members getting to know local police, EMTs, and firefighters. Those that serve our communities through emergency services, visit parks and community spaces to bond with the people they serve.

Multiple Mercy Housing properties have participated in these meet-and-greets. Holly Park in Commerce City near Denver, CO was just one of many communities that did so this year. Kids got to hang out, play games, and get to know members of the police department, emergency medical services, and fire departments.

The kids were so excited when the firetrucks, police vehicles, and ambulances showed up—they were able to explore each one and ask questions about how they work.

kids excited to see a firetruck and police cruiser pull in kid in firefighter uniform

On top of the meet-and-greet, there were arts and crafts, bowling, balloons, and a variety of games. Our Resident Services team enjoyed spending even more time with the kids and hearing about what they’re up to this summer.

National Night Out is about partnerships and this is important to Mercy Housing and everyone that’s passionate about building healthy, happy communities. We thank everyone that helped us make it a fun and memorable evening.

big group photo of Holly Park community