Mercy in Fall

To all Mercy Housing supporters, thank you for everything that you do. We had an incredible summer and look forward to the fall. As usual, residents excelled in our summer Resident Services programming. Kids received summer tutoring, seniors received improved healthcare, and families gained even more access to food through our efforts to reduce food insecurity.

This transition from summer to fall can be a challenging one for families in need, but you’re doing your part to make the lives of low-income people better. I share my deepest thanks and appreciation to you for being a true supporter of service-enriched, affordable housing for the people that need it most. You made it possible for people like Rolando to graduate from high school and refugees like Khatira to lead their families to a prosperous future.

I’m proud to say that Mercy Housing continues to grow stronger in every possible way. Our work isn’t over, there are still far too many people in need of a stable place to call home, but thanks to you, I’m optimistic. Mercy Housing’s model of affordable housing combined with wraparound services has over 37 years of success, and together, we’re making a difference that is ending cycles of poverty one person at a time.

Thank you for all you do,

Jane Graf

Jane Graf
President & CEO
Mercy Housing