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Your Vote, Your Voice, Your Home

September 24, is National Voter Registration Day. This is a special day for affordable housing advocates, residents, and the entire country. We’re lucky to live in a place where we can voice our opinions through ballot boxes, but to do that, you must be registered to vote. We’ve collected all the information you’ll need to register to vote or to help others register to vote whether they’re a friend, neighbor, or family member. We hope you participate in Voter Registration Day, voting is essential to serving your community.

How to Register to Vote

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Registering to vote online is easy and it takes just a few minutes and these links are all you need:

How to Support Affordable Housing Residents to Register

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Whether you live or work at affordable housing, it’s important to get residents registered to vote because there’s so much at stake for affordable housing in each election. This tool kit is an incredible collection of information, links, and resources. It was created by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, and as they say “housing is built with ballots.”

If you want to see positive change in your neighborhood, it begins with a vote. It doesn’t matter if you live in subsidized housing, own or rent a market-rate home, your interests are at stake in each and every election. We hope these resources help, and for more affordable housing updates check out our News page!