As a fellow innovative, Salesforce partnered with us for a STEM Maker Faire.

Building a Future… Out of Candy?

Residents are always looking for innovative ways for their kids to do even better in school. Mercy Housing collaborated with Salesforce in San Francisco to offer program enrichment for youth to do just that because learning doesn’t end after the last school bell rings.

For so many hardworking parents, it can be tricky to find the right, affordable place for their kids to study and play after school. We want youth residents to do their best, so we are always pursuing opportunities to keep resident students curious and creative as they pursue education. We are grateful to Salesforce for partnering with us to host a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) Maker Faire.

Building a Future… Out of Candy?Volunteers joined us at Natalie Gubb Commons in San Francisco for the event and organized several booths, hosting educational activities that were deceptively educational, heavy on the fun and serious about learning. Activities that blended the concepts of STEAM with interactive experienced-based learning. Audience cheers and a little friendly competition accompanied the fair’s activities — catapulting candy pumpkins, building sweet towers or candy, and the always fun creation of slime. It was a thrilling way for students to explore the sciences out of the classroom and in their community.

Building a Future… Out of Candy?

This was an intergenerational event, young and old engaging with STEAM concepts together so that kids could see that learning is fun, not a chore. One parent was even live-streaming her family’s participation.

Parents and family members were excited to see volunteers engage their children in ways that foster a love for learning. We are especially grateful to Salesforce for their enthusiasm and support.