Denver City Councilman, Chris Herndon and his young son CJ.

One-on-One with Denver City Councilman, Chris Herndon

Denver City Councilman, Chris Herndon, did not hesitate to step in and help support Mercy Housing residents at Bluff Lake Apartments. Over the holidays, he sponsored several families with holiday gift items and delivered them to Bluff Lake with his young son CJ. Additionally, knowing that many residents were facing a particularly hard time due to the pandemic, Councilman Herndon helped facilitate a much-needed donation to their onsite food pantry.

Bluff Lake Apartments has 92 apartment homes for low-income families. Free onsite programming, through Mercy Housing’s Resident Services, offer support to residents in Out-of-School Time activities, food pantry, educational classes, health clinics, and much more.
Bluff Lake Apartments provides affordable homes to 92 families. Free onsite programming includes Out-of-School Time activities, a food pantry, educational classes, health clinics, and much more.

Councilman Herndon’s efforts were so appreciated, let us take a minute to get to know him more!

What are the essential ingredients that make for a strong community? How does volunteering play a role?
“There are so many important ingredients in having a strong community, but connection is foundational. Knowing one another, feeling seen and valued, and being able to ask for and receive support when we need it makes all the difference. Volunteering allows us to engage with our neighbors and invest in causes we have a common interest in, building those social connections.”

How has COVID impacted the residents in your district and what has been the main challenge people are facing?
“District 8 residents face many of the same challenges our neighbors across the city face. We’ve lost family members, jobs, and a sense of connection.”

Why is it important for you to support a community like Mercy Housing’s Bluff Lake Apartments?
“The Bluff Lake Apartment community is part of our larger community. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong and are valued here.”

What did it mean to you to sponsor families and the onsite food pantry at Bluff Lake during the holidays? How did it feel to share that experience with your son?
“We know what we were able to share made a difference in the lives of our neighbors and it was rewarding for me to see CJ get excited about giving back to the community. As a dad, I want to continue to reinforce for him the importance, power, and joy of supporting one another.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get more involved in their neighborhood/community?
“Do it! No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a way for you to get involved. If you’re not sure where to start, check with your registered neighborhood organization, local nonprofits, or feel free to contact my office and we can help you get connected.”

Thank you, Councilman Herndon! We look forward to continuing this journey together with your support!