Title: Resident Voices: LeRoy, with a drawing of resident LeRoy's face.

Resident Voices – LeRoy

Resident Voices offers residents a platform to share their voices with the greater community. We applaud all those who have the interest to share their thoughts with us!

Northern Heights is a family property located in Rapid City, South Dakota. The 96-unit family community offers a variety of Resident Services programming that supports residents to live their full potential.

‘Tis the Season

A new season is upon us

One of giving and receiving,

Sharing and caring

This new season is calling

As snowflakes are falling

Like, feathers from an angel’s wings

Puffy and bright white

Bright, like the sparkling colors

Of a festive Christmas night

A season filled by sights,

Smells, warm feelings,

And tastes as well!

Sampling all things good and sweet

A bit of warm brandy and succulent meats

Wreaths on every door

Shiny presents heaped high from the floor

A season to come together

To meet and greet

And afterall, a season to say, “Grace.”

And to bless the meek.


© 2021 by, LeRoy S. Bays