Supporting Environmental Sustainability

As part of Green Hope, Mercy Housing’s environmental sustainability program, Mercy Housing works with a variety of partners to reduce energy and water use and switch to more renewable energy sources. We have been focusing on energy and water retrofits with Elevate Energy to reduce consumption as well as lower residents’ utility bills. Mercy Housing Lakefront successfully completed LED lighting retrofits at Roseland Place, Roseland Village, and Parkside Terrace in 2021.

We are also partnering with Solstice Community Solar to reserve solar panels at a community solar garden to supply sustainable electricity to qualifying communities in Illinois.

This year, Mercy Housing Lakefront was thrilled to receive $100,000 from U.S. Bank’s Market Impact Fund for our Green Hope programs in Chicago and Milwaukee. In Milwaukee, the grant will support LED lighting upgrades at the Johnston Center, a permanent supportive housing community for 91 very-low-income individuals who have experienced homelessness. In Chicago, it will support green energy initiatives such as solar panel installation at several properties on the West Side. This partnership with U.S. Bank increases energy efficiency and contributes to our long-term sustainability goals.