New, Affordable Homes in 2023

Your support of Mercy Housing allows for more affordable homes to be built across the country. And in 2023, new affordable communities are on the way, thanks in part to our supporters that keep Mercy Housing a strong organization! 1280 apartments were completed in 2022, and we also broke ground on our first building project in Oregon! In 2023, we expect approximately 962 more apartment homes to be fully complete and ready for new residents to move in by the end of the year.

2022 was a successful year as we celebrated our 40th Anniversary. As the call for more affordable housing continues to grow in 2023, we are looking to deepen our impact with particular attention paid to housing success and health and wellness.

As you know, a home is a critical foundation for a person’s ability to thrive — wellness, employment, education, and more. We all know that home is the building block of our community.
The fact is, 70% of the 11 million renters with low-incomes in the U.S. spend more than half of their income on rent and utilities. You are making a difference in addressing the housing crisis!

Housing justice is social justice. With a stable, affordable home, people can access what they need to achieve their goals. The resident stories highlighted on the following pages are true examples of this. You have supported the development of more homes for people affected by the housing crisis, providing them with housing options to improve their lives – thank you!