A Special Night Celebrating the Mercy Scholars

A hush fell over the Trailview Community Room. From corner to corner, the room was covered in circus decorations, while, jugglers, clowns, face-painting specialists, school administrators, and Mercy Housing Northwest staff waited for their special guests to arrive.

Meanwhile, outside the room kindergarten to high school students stood waiting for 5:00 PM and when the doors finally opened, they were greeted by thunderous applause. The younger kids were bouncing with excitement. The older kids were trying and failing to mask their smiles.

But this story does not end at Trailview Apartments. This celebration was repeated at Mercy Housing Northwest family communities stretching from Bellingham to Vancouver to make kids feel supported in their education journeys.

In the following weeks, the Mercy Scholars program got busy relaunching Homework Club, meeting with teachers, and working with organizations to help students realize their dreams. Our education work begins with backpack giveaways and back-to-school celebrations, but it does not end there β€” the celebrations are only the beginning.